Take 5: Squirrel Shades

We love photos that show common critters in a new light. Here are a few of our favorite images of red and gray squirrels from our Photo Contest, including the white and black varieties of the gray squirrel. Visit our website to learn more about these animals.

2013 Photo Contest Entry, © Sue Feldberg

Red squirrel, 2013 Photo Contest entry, © Sue Feldberg

2012 Photo Contest Entry, © Anthony Nomakeo

Gray squirrel, 2012 Photo Contest entry, © Anthony Nomakeo

2102 Photo Contest Entry, © Justin Lawson

Gray squirrel (white form), 2102 Photo Contest entry, © Justin Lawson

2102 Photo Contest Entry, © Paula Stephens

Red squirrel, 2102 Photo Contest entry, © Paula Stephens

2011 Photo Contest Entry, ©Nathan Goshgarian

Gray squirrel (black form), 2011 Photo Contest entry, ©Nathan Goshgarian

Check back soon for the results of our 2014 Photo Contest!

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