Take 5: Paint by (Turtle) Numbers

Today we’re honoring painted turtles, named for the unique red and yellow stripes along their heads, necks, and tails. Late May through the end of June is prime time for female turtles to search for nest sites to lay their eggs, so be on the lookout for turtles crossing roads and laying eggs in your yard!

If a small turtle is in danger of being hit by cars, it can be carefully moved in the direction it was headed, to the other side of the road, but snapping turtles should NEVER be handled because they are dangerous (and much faster than you’d expect). Read more about what to do if you encounter a turtle, and learn a bit about all the turtles species in Massachusetts.

Enjoy these five lovely photos of painted turtles from our annual Photo Contest!

Painted turtle © Mary Anne Doyle

2012 Photo Contest Entry © Mary Anne Doyle

Painted Turtles © Dick Hatfield

2014 Photo Contest Entry © Dick Hatfield

Painted Turtle © Katie Giroux

2012 Photo Contest Entry © Katie Giroux

Painted Turtle © Ed Schmitt

2012 Photo Contest Entry © Ed Schmitt

Painted Turtles © Dennis Durette

2012 Photo Contest Entry © Dennis Durette

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