Water droplets on a blade of grass © Heather Armata

Take 5: Drip, Drop

All throughout April and into May, it seemed as though the rain were never going to stop. At long last, the clouds have parted and the sun is shining! Although a lot of rain can be a real downer, a little bit of rain can make for some truly beautiful nature photography.

Here are beautiful shots of water droplets on plants that have been submitted to our annual Picture This: Your Great Outdoors photo contest. Be sure to sign up for photo contest updates so you’ll be the first to know when the 2019 contest opens for submissions (hint: it’s coming soon!)

Water droplets on a daisy © Ann Marie Sweetsir
© Ann Marie Sweetsir
Water puddled on a lily pad © Ashok Boghani
© Ashok Boghani
Water droplet hanging from the end of a yellow flower petal © Don Bullens
© Don Bullens
Water beaded along a blade of grass © Heather Armata
© Heather Armata
Water beaded on a leaf © Claire Vail
© Claire Vail
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