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True North Kestrel American IPA can art 2022

Another Toast to the American Kestrel

American Kestrels are charismatic and iconic. They are also experiencing widespread declines. To help raise awareness, support, and celebrate this small but mighty falcon, Mass Audubon is once again collaborating with True North Ale Company of Ipswich, MA, on the release of Kestrel, a limited-edition American IPA.

American Kestrel © Mass Audubon

About American Kestrels

A few decades ago, American Kestrels could be seen hovering and dropping on their prey in just about every open field of sufficient size in Massachusetts. These days, however, our smallest falcon is becoming harder and harder to find and, as a result, is included as a Species of Greatest Conservation Concern in the wildlife action plans of all six New England states. 

Mass Audubon is expanding the grassland habitat at many wildlife sanctuaries to support kestrels and other grassland birds. For example, just five miles from True North Ale Company (as the kestrel flies), Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary in Topsfield has added additional acreage of open fields and a nest box for kestrels over the last few years, in the hope that more habitat will help boost the birds’ numbers.

American Kestrel © Brian Rusnica
American Kestrel © Brian Rusnica

Where to Find Kestrels and the Kestrel IPA

Kestrels are birds of open fields and meadows. One can be seen perching on a fencepost or snag, bobbing its tail as it surveys its surrounding. When a good perch is not available, it hunts from the air, hovering in place in a technique called “kiting.” 

Perhaps easier to find, the Kestrel American IPA will be widely available in select stores across the state (including Total Wine & Spirits) as well as several restaurants. Better yet, sample the ale at the source at the True North Ale Company taproom in Ipswich, MA.

True North Kestrel American IPA can art 2022

You can also support our habitat preservation and restoration work by making a donation today.

Together, we can shape the future of our state’s landscape to support all the wildlife and people that call it home. And that’s a dream we’ll drink to!

Earth Month Volunteer Days

You may know that Earth Day is April 22, but did you know that the whole month of April is Earth Month and Celebrate Diversity Month? This year, Mass Audubon is combining both themes into a month-long celebration of diversity, community, and resilience in nature and our human communities. 

In nature, the resilience of ecological communities depends on the richness of their diversity and the strength of their interconnectedness. In human communities, resilience is also built through connection, celebrating and honoring differences, and taking local action to positively affect the whole community. Not only does volunteering help support and protect our natural communities, but it also makes our human communities stronger and more resilient. 

Here are just a few of the volunteer opportunities we have planned. 

Habitat Improvements at Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary
Marshfield, MA • Saturday, April 2 • 10:00 am–12:00 pm 

Restore the habitats at the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary by removing litter, debris, and invasive species from the fields and trails of the sanctuary. Cleaning these habitats will help foster a more resilient ecosystem that supports the growth and survival of native wildlife species. 

Work for Wildlife at the Boston Nature Center
Mattapan, MA • Saturday, April 9 • 9:00 am–12:00 pm

Grab your gardening gloves as we spruce up the gardens and trails for spring at the Boston Nature Center. Keep the sanctuary in tip-top shape by removing trash and weeds, reapplying compost and mulch, and pruning the plants.  

Volunteer Day at Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
Lenox, MA • Lenox, MA • Friday, April 22 •  9:30 am–12:30 pm  

Lend a hand at the Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary as we trim trails, straighten fences, and get the Nature Play Area ready for spring. As you volunteer, enjoy the beautiful views along the slopes of Lenox Mountain. 

Beach Clean Up at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary
Edgartown, MA • Saturday, April 23 • 10:00 am–12:00 pm 

Take a walk on the beautiful shorelines of Martha’s Vineyard and clean the beach along the way with the Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary team. Keep the shorelines clean and safe for people and wildlife enjoying the waves.

Stream Cleanup at Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary 
Worcester, MA • Saturday, April 30 • 8:30–11:30 am

Put on your rubber boots as we work to clean the stream at Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary. Remove trash and litter to help make a better environment for the communities of people and wildlife it supports. 

Raised Vegetable Gardens at Endicott Wildlife Sanctuary 
Wenham, MA • Saturday, April 30 • 9:00 am–12:00 pm 

Closeout April by volunteering in the gardens at Endicott Wildlife Sanctuary. Work with other community members as we prepare our raised gardens for the growing and planting season and create new planters for visitors to enjoy at the entrance of the sanctuary.

More Events and Opportunities

Throughout April, there will be more volunteer opportunities, plus online and in-person programs and nature-based activities. Learn more at