Ian Barton - Waseeka, Hopkinton, MA common yellowthroat

2021 Annual Report 

It’s safe to say, that 2021 was an eventful year for Mass Audubon. In March of 2021, we adopted our ambitious five-year Action Agenda. The plan focused on three main goals: protect and restore resilient landscapes, advance inclusive and equitable access to nature, and mobilize to fight against climate change. With the help of our members, supporters, and team members, we have already taken meaningful strides to accomplish these goals. 

While 2021 presented challenges with the ongoing fight against COVID-19, Mass Audubon was excited to see how people turn to nature to find solace during these times. Throughout the year, we welcomed over 800 campers, added 17 miles of new trails, and protected over 1,700 acres of land across the state. Mass Audubon also celebrated its 125th anniversary since our founding! To see what else we accomplished, flip through the 2021 Annual Report.  

Annual Report cover
Photo © Ian Barton