© Ann Marie Lally

Take 5: Tree Swallows

Aerodynamic and graceful, a tree swallow is most often seen in the sky as it gleans insects on the wing. It is about the size of a chickadee, and is an iridescent blue above and white below. Tree swallows are often seen in small flocks foraging over ponds or fields, chittering back and forth.

Here are five photos of tree swallows from past years’ photo contests. If you have a great shot of your own, we’d love to see it! Enter today at massaudubon.org/picturethis.

2013 Photo Contest Entry © Ann Marie Lally

2016 Photo Contest Entry © Myer Bornstein

2013 Photo Contest Entry © Lisa Gurney

2013 Photo Contest Entry © Michael Ross

2016 Photo Contest Entry © Michael Rossacci

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