Green Frog

Take 5: Hopping into March

As we enter March, look to the frog for inspiration on how to make the most of this transitional season: get outdoors and make some noise, soak up the sun, and look for seasonal oases around you.

While Massachusetts thaws, woodland hollows and low areas flood, creating temporary isolated pools. The resulting vernal pools fill with melting snow, spring rain, runoff, and rising groundwater, which amphibians live in during critical periods of their life cycle.

Soon, you’ll start to hear an orchestra of active frogs by vernal pools, starting with woods frogs. You can learn how to distinguish different frog calls and find out how to contribute to a community science project by signing up for our Frog Watch USA online program.

In the meantime, enjoy 5 hopping photos captured by photographers from our annual Picture This: Your Great Outdoors photo contest .

Grey Tree Frog © Sandra Hayslett
Gray Treefrog © Sandra Hayslett
Wood Frog © Jane Parker
Wood Frog © Jane Parker
© Martha Pfeiffer
Green Frog ©Martha Pfeiffer
Northern Leopard Frog ©Kenneth Hilts
Green Frog © Bernard Creswick
American Bullfrog ©Bernard Creswick

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