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Mass Audubon T-Shirt

New Ways to Show Mass Audubon Pride

Mass Audubon Gear

Mass Audubon Gear

It’s easier than ever to show your true Mass Audubon colors! We’ve added all kinds of fun, new gear to our branded collection, including T-shirts, hats, drinkware, and more. Below are five of our favorite items or you can check out the entire collection.

And remember, every purchase from the Mass Audubon Shop goes directly to support our mission of protecting the nature and wildlife of Massachusetts.

Mass Audubon 32-oz Nalgene FrogMass Audubon 32-oz Nalgene Water Bottle

Keep hydrated and reduce your carbon footprint with Mass Audubon’s Spring Peeper reusable water bottle. This authentic Nalgene bottle is made from BPA-free plastic and features a peeper frog graphic—perfect for springtime adventure, or any season for that matter!


Also available: 16-oz Nalgene with Bee Graphic


Mass Audubon Frog T-Shirt Unisex GreyMass Audubon Spring Peeper T-Shirts & Youth Sweatshirts

Wear your nature hero heart on your figurative sleeve with the new Mass Audubon T-shirt, featuring the same peeper frog graphic as the 32-oz Nalgene.

Ladies V-Neck: $24.00*
Unisex Crew Neck: $22.00
Youth Sweatshirt: $24.00
Toddler Sweatshirt: $24.00


Mass Audubon Baseball Hat BlueMass Audubon Baseball Cap

Made of 100% cotton denim with an adjustable strap, this classic, comfy cap fits just right.


Also available: Mass Audubon Trucker Hat



Mass-Audubon-Pint-GlassMass Audubon Pint Glass

Toast the beauty of nature with this 16-oz glass, tastefully etched with the Mass Audubon logo. Dishwasher and microwave safe.



Mass Audubon Binoculars HarnessMass Audubon Binocular Harness

The perfect gift for the die-hard birder, this adjustable harness is designed to use your shoulders instead of your neck to support the weight of the binoculars.







*All prices listed are before application of the 10% Mass Audubon member discount.

Mass Audubon T-Shirt with Spring Peeper Frog

Let Us Help With Your Holiday Shopping

To help you get a jump on your holiday shopping, we’ve curated our favorite nature-themed holiday gifts from the Audubon Shop into a handy Holiday Gift Guide. There’s a little something for everyone in there, from the Entertainer to the Young Explorer, so poke around and find the perfect gifts for the nature-lovers on your list!

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Here are a few of our top picks for the holiday season:

For the Entertainer:

Moon Ice Mold

Moon Ice Mold
Price: $10.00

Forget “on the rocks”; have your drinks “over the moon!” This silicone ice mold makes one large (1.9″ in diameter) ice moon, complete with bumps and craters.

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For the Outdoor Adventurer:

10-in-1 Multi-Tool Flashlight
10-in-1 Multi-Tool Flashlight
Price: $22.00

This handy tool has it all: a knife, flat-head & Philips-head screwdrivers, can & bottle openers, scissors, hex wrenches (in two sizes), safety hammer, seat belt cutter, and an LED flashlight with five focusing settings and an emergency flashing setting.

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For the Birder:

Woodpecker Stapler

Woodpecker Stapler
Price: $22.00

The perfect desk pet, this little woodpecker will happily sit on your desk, ready to assist with all of your paperwork stapling.

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For the Young Explorer:

Adventurer's Vest

Adventurer’s Vest
Price: $25.00

This adorable vest is perfect for your little explorer. It has pockets with zippers and pouches with velcro, great for storing tools and treasures. Available in Small (~3 years), Medium (~5 years), and Large (~7 years).

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For the Ardent Mass Audubon Supporter:

Mass Audubon Nalgene Water Bottle with Spring Peeper

Mass Audubon Nalgene Water Bottle
Price: $17.00

Featuring a bright illustration of the native Peeper frog, this 32-ounce wide mouth bottle by Nalgene is rugged and leakproof. We have a whole collection of exciting new Mass Audubon gear, including t-shirts, hats, drinkware, and more, so check it out!

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How to Buy Binoculars

You’re ready to take the plunge and buy a pair of binoculars and you might think to yourself, “How complicated can it be?” That is, until you start to notice the dizzying array of available brands, features, and prices. Before you get overwhelmed, check out this basic primer on what you need to know before buy (and learn how to save 15 percent!).

Binoculars are marked with a set of two numbers that indicate their power of magnification and the diameter of their objective lenses (we’ll get to this in a minute). If a pair of binoculars is marked “8×42,” the first number indicates that they will magnify the object you’re looking at eight times larger than its actual size.

A common mistake made by first-time buyers is thinking that bigger is better. While it’s true that greater magnification provides a larger image, it can also make it difficult to maintain a steady view of what you’re looking at. The average birder uses a magnification power of 8 to 10, which affords a good amount of detail without the shakiness experienced at higher magnification levels.

If magnification determines how much detail you see, the diameter of the objective (aka front) lenses determines how well you see it. Think of it like this: the wider the objective lenses, the greater the light-gathering ability, which ultimately translates to greater detail and clarity.

You can identify the size of the objective lenses on a pair of binoculars by looking at the second number in our 8×42 example, which refers to the diameter of each objective lens in millimeters.

Field of View (FOV)
This measurement tells you how wide the area is that you can see through your binoculars. Of course, the more you can see, the easier it is to follow a fast flying bird, or catch movement off to the side.

Field of view is measured either in degrees or in feet per thousand yards and, like magnification and brightness, is usually marked right on the binoculars.

Eye Relief
For those who wear eyeglasses, this may be one of the most important features to consider when selecting binoculars.

Eye relief refers to the distance (in millimeters) between your eyes and the part of the binoculars you look through at which you can still maintain a full field of view. Since eyeglasses necessitate a space between the eyes of the user and the binoculars, those with glasses will want to look binoculars with at least 15mm of eye relief. If it’s not on the box, ask the salesperson.

Not all lenses are equal. High-quality lenses are made from superior glass and prisms and have better optical coatings that maximize the amount light directed to your eyes, making images appear brighter and clearer. The quality of the coating on binocular lenses is actually one of the things that distinguish top-of-the line optics brands from others.

Above all, your binoculars should “feel right” to you. Take a minute to focus on objects near and far. How easily are you able to make adjustments? Can you hold them up to your eyes for a minute or two without feeling overly fatigued? Can you carry them with ease? Binoculars are an investment that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, so take the time to choose what’s right for you!

Still have questions? Contact us at the Audubon Shop.

Ready to start shopping? Be sure to swing by The Audubon Shop’s Optics Fair at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln this Saturday, September 15, where representatives from the top optics companies will be on hand. Plus, Mass Audubon members will receive 15 percent off all binoculars and scopes!