Common Garter Snake © Catherine Luce

Take 5: Garter Snakes

The Common Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis), one of the most commonly seen snakes in Massachusetts, is also the official state reptile. They sport long, yellow stripes down the length of their bodies, which are typically green, brown, or even black, and average about 20-22″ in length, but can grow up to 54″ long. You may be startled […]

Common Garter Snakes © Michael Onyon

Take 5: Sublime Snakes

Snakes tend to get a bad rap, but they’re actually fascinating creatures that can help control pests like rodents and slugs thanks to their carnivorous diet. Plus, the vast majority of snakes that you’ll find in the Northeast are not dangerous. In fact, of the 14 snake species found in Massachusetts, only two are venomous—the […]

Four Reasons to Appreciate Snakes

The 14 species of snakes in Massachusetts don’t get enough love and appreciation. So, in honor of World Snake Day on July 16, we thought we’d share just a few reasons that we should celebrate their presence. 1. Snakes eat garden pests Consider yourself lucky if you have DeKay’s brownsnakes in your yard. These small, shy […]

Eastern Chipmunk © Susumu Kishihara

Take 5: Don’t Get Cheeky With Me

The industrious Eastern Chipmunk spends its days, especially this time of year as the weather is getting colder, gathering and storing food in their burrows, which will sustain them during the winter.  Seeds, berries, nuts, and fruit are the mainstay of the chipmunk’s diet, but they also eat insects, insect larvae, slugs, snails, and earthworms. […]

Bird and Moon Comics

Q&A With Rosemary Mosco of Bird and Moon Comics

Rosemary Mosco is a naturalist, science communicator, and the brilliant cartoonist behind Bird and Moon science and nature cartoons. (She’s also a former member of Mass Audubon’s Marketing team, so you may recognize her name from past posts on this blog!) We had the pleasure of chatting with Rosemary recently about her artwork, inspiration, and […]

Ruby-throated hummingbird © Sarah Keates

What to Do This Weekend: April 14–15

Look for early spring edible herbs, learn about attracting butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard, take an astronomy night hike, build a bat box, and more at a wildlife sanctuary this weekend. Greater Boston Spend part of your Saturday morning at the Museum of American Bird Art having fun, exploring and discovering nature, listening to […]

Cross Orbweaver Spider © Brett Melican

Take 5: “Spooky” Spiders

This October, we’ve been leading up to Halloween with themed Take 5 posts covering critters that are spooky, creepy, and go “bump” in the night. We’ve highlighted snakes, crows, bats, and vultures, and now it’s time for the creepiest crawly of them all: spiders! Even if the thought of spiders makes you want to run […]