Take 5: Central Colombia Birding Tour

A paradise for birders, Colombia has the highest bird species count of any country in the world, with well over 1,900 species. Mass Audubon’s Bertrand Chair of Ornithology Joan Walsh and ornithologist, author, and artist David Sibley recently led 11 travelers on a 12-day Mass Audubon Natural History Travel adventure through the mountains and rainforests of Central Colombia, where they saw a total of 400 species.

Enjoy a few photos from the trip and see where we’re headed next.

Crimson-rumped Toucanet
A lake in the Central Andes, near the Los Nevados National Park.
Masked Trogon
Chestnut-napped Antpitta eating out of guide David Sibley’s hand.
Spectacled Owl

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