Help Count Meadowlarks

The eastern meadowlark is arguably the grassland bird species that has been hardest hit by the loss of grasslands (think large meadows and farmland) in Massachusetts.

Eastern meadowlark by David Larson

In fact, eastern meadowlarks have disappeared from more than 75 percent of the locations they were found in during the 1979 Breeding Bird Survey.

Mass Audubon’s Bird Conservation team is on a mission to not only protect the remaining meadowlarks, but to also create a plan to increase the population. But they need your help.

Become a Meadowlark Citizen Scientist

Between now and June 15, you can provide valuable data via the Eastern Meadowlark Survey. All you need to do is:

  • Visit a pre-set location 3 times during the early morning hours.
  • Look and listen for eastern meadowlarks (as well as other grassland species including bobolinks and grasshopper sparrows).
  • Record what you did or didn’t see. (Not seeing anything is just as valuable as seeing something)

Get more info on how to participate, see pictures of the grassland birds, and hear the meadowlark song > 


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