ICYMI: Long Pasture’s Instagram Takeover

In case you missed it, Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary in Barnstable took over the Mass Audubon Instagram feed last week. Check out the posts below and be sure to follow along this week to see what the Museum of American Bird Art has in store!

It may be snowing today but this is the view of Barnstable Great Marsh in spring/summer. Lying just west of Long Pasture, it covers several thousand acres adjacent to
Sandy Neck Barrier Beach. The marsh ecosystem experiences a tidal exchange of up to 14 feet and serves as an important embayment on the north side of Cape Cod. In the spring, Atlantic mackerel run
along the deep channels as they are pursued by striped bass. On shore, nesting oystercatchers forage
among the dunes while keeping a watchful eye for predators. The marsh serves as a nursery for many
species such as summer flounder and Atlantic silversides. #sanctuarytakeover #takeover #massaudubon
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