Session 5, 2017: Part Two

August is such a wonderful time to be at Wildwood! As the end of summer approaches for campers and staff, we are so fortunate to have such great weather and enthusiastic campers. There’s no chance that you all at home are having as much fun as we are here at camp.

As always, today included a big variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. The waterfront was of course a popular destination at OATs with plenty of campers sliding off the iceberg, jumping off the lily pad, and paddling around the pond. You may also notice in some of these photos some campers enjoying a spa, complete with natural facial treatments. They used ingredients found both in the kitchen and in nature to create a soothing concoction.

As this week draws to a close, our one-week Session 5 campers will be departing on Saturday, with families arriving between 9:15 and 10:00am. For the Abbey and Dillard campers here for two weeks, they will be headed to Mt. Monadnock on Friday for their 2-night campout, with their hike up the mountain scheduled for Saturday. Other two-week campers will be headed out for campsites at First and Second Point for one night on Saturday evening.

Stay tuned here next week for an update from Session 6!