Session 5, 2017 – Part One

It’s finally here – Session 5 has begun at Wildwood! Our campers here this week have been waiting all summer for their turn to come to Wildwood and that time has finally arrived. We began our week as we usually do with orientation day which includes swim and health checks, a camp tour, and a visit to the Nature Center with Aisha and David. One of the most fun parts of the swim check is the “tippy test” where two campers practice capsizing and righting a canoe.

Tuesday brought with it the first full day of camp activities. That includes the first day of the week’s Interest Groups (IGs) which included great activities like New England Explorers, Drama, and Leadership. The afternoon Discovery Groups (DGs) included Archery, Sailing, Yoga, and much more. All in all it has been a great start to the week. We look forward to the days ahead with lots more fun and plenty more exciting activities.

The Leaders-In-Action kicked off a big service project this morning. They are planning to repaint the entire floor of the Arts and Crafts building to give it a fresher, cleaner feeling. We’ll be sure to post the results once that project is finished up.

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