Session 6, 2017: The Eclipse! and More

Did everyone at home get a chance to see the eclipse? We sure were lucky to enjoy this amazing phenomenon at Wildwood, complete with eclipse glasses generously donated by a few of our campers’ families. Not only were campers able to check out the eclipse with the glasses, we also learned about light projection by making pinhole cameras to have another view.

Tuesday brought with it clear skies, warm temperatures, and the first full day of programming. Each IG got off to a great start as they got to know each other and framed the week’s activities. This afternoon in DGs we kept it cool while participating in a number of other great  programs. Some highlights included Archery, Water Games (with water cannons), Scrap-booking, and lots more.

The Leaders-In-Action departed today for a two-night overnight at Mt. Ascutney State Park in Windsor, VT. They will be doing some hiking, service projects, and visiting some local sites while they are out there. We also received some photos from our Trek program who is out backpacking the White Mountain National Forest north of Gorham, NH. They will be starting the bulk of their hike today and making their way to an AMC hut at Cabot Mountain this evening.

Stay tuned for another update later this week!