Session 4, 2017: Part Two

It is the final day of Session 4 and it feels like everyone just arrived! We had a special day at camp on Thursday as we flipped the schedule on its head This meant we started our day after breakfast with what is typically an evening program, and finished our day with nighttime DGs. It was a fun change which allowed us to do some different evening programs than we would normally, taking advantage of the earlier sunset.

The LITs have also continued to be busy learning from other staff on camp like Hannah at the Ropes Course who provided them an in-depth look at experiential learning. They also spent part of their afternoon on Thursday with Welch transplanting a White pine into the Fossey Unit.

The Exploring the Champlain Valley trek spent their Thursday evening rowing on the lake with the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum and camped on the waters edge that evening.

We’ll be busy enjoying our final full day at camp today. I hope you are able to enjoy some sunshine wherever you are as well. For those of you picking up campers on Saturday, we will see you between 9:15 and 10:00am. Safe travels!

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  1. Rebecca Mealey

    Thank you so much for taking the time to send a snapshot, in words and pictures, of camp this week. It’s a wonderful reassurance and sneak peek at our son’s week.

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