Session 4, 2017: Part One

What a way to start off Session 4! On Monday we were treated to a wonderfully dry day which allowed everyone to get through all of the requirements for orientation day: health checks, swim checks, a camp tour, and a nature center introduction with David. Once all of that was out of the way, it was on to the Predator / Prey Evening Program. Afterwards everyone settled into bed as it cooled down and a rain storm passed over, making it the perfect conditions for a great night’s sleep.

It was a good thing we had such a great night too as Tuesday brought with it the first full day of camp activities. Our morning’s highlights included Dirt to Dinner, where campers began learning about soils and what helps plants grow successfully before illustrating those concepts. The Ropes Leadership IG spent the morning working on two separate low-ropes challenges and focused on identifying personal leadership qualities which they will be developing throughout the week ahead.

The afternoon brought sunshine and a diverse sampling of Discovery Groups (DGs). One of our favorites included Wetland Kayaking, which was the perfect activity for the great weather this afternoon. Others included Pickle Making with Alena who looked like a mad scientist as she created pickle brine before giving campers the chance to mix up their own blend of spices for pickling.

The Leaders-In-Action also started on one of their first service project of the session, building benches for the Walden’s Woods area by Carson. Thanks to their efforts over the last few years, that area continues to become more inviting for campers and activities! They have a lot more service scheduled during their three-week session.

That’s all for now! I hope wherever you are that you are enjoying the back half of your summer. Stay tuned here for another update later this week!