Session 1 – A Great Start to Summer Camp!

Session 1 is here and by all accounts Wildwood summer camp is officially under way! We have had an excellent start to both this session and our summer with an amazing group of campers here for the two-weeks of this first session. Camp orientation took up most of our day on Monday with swim and health checks, an introduction to the nature center, and a camp tour all on the itinerary.

With those necessities behind us, it was time for the exciting Wildwood camp program to begin on our nation’s Independence Day. We have been treated to beautiful weather which has made it easy to enjoy programs like drama and art of nature along with a nice breeze which provides favorable condition for activities like archery and sailing.

Tonight is Unit Night and just about every unit has a 4th of July themed program happening all across camp. Look out for more pictures from those activities later in the week. We also received word from our Acadia trekkers who arrived safely to their campsites in Acadia National Park on Monday and have a full day of adventure scheduled for Tuesday.

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2 thoughts on “Session 1 – A Great Start to Summer Camp!

  1. Lindsey Weeramuni

    Is that a porcupine I saw up in a tree? I thought they were just ground dwellers.

    1. Welch Narron Post author

      Porcupines are frequent tree climbers actually! They climb to the ends of branches to eat the new growth at the ends. They also climb trees when they are afraid, and will stay there all day once they are up there. This give us great opportunities for photos!

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