Session 1, 2017, Part Two

The first week of Session 1 continues and the fun just keeps on happening. Tuesday’s Evening Program was Unit Night, so each unit set off on their own personalized 4th of July adventure. Pies were eaten, dizzy-bats were raced, and a great celebration was had by all at camp.

Since then, we’ve continued to enjoy the amazing weather that each day has brought and filled just about every minute of those days with activities. Today at OATs there was a fun and fierce game of Nuk’Em at the field, which got campers of all ages involved and playing together. The waterfront is always a popular spot during OATs, but due to the cool afternoons, many campers have opted to spend that time at Arts and Crafts and the Activity Field.

Tonight’s Evening Program was a Wildwood classic – Heffalump Hunt. Creatures roamed throughout camp and groups of campers were tasked with capturing them, and studying their unique attributes. It’s strange – many of those Heffalumps closely resembled the current group of Leaders-In-Training at camp this week…

On the Acadia teen adventure trip, the group continues to be given great weather, which has made for lots of opportunities to hike, bike, and kayak around Mt. Desert Island and Acadia National Park. They will arrive back at Wildwood on Friday evening, and be ready for departure on Saturday morning (July 8) at 10:00am in the main parking lot.

There’s lots more on the way over the weekend as overnights depart on Friday afternoon, with the Abbey and Dillard units headed to nearby Mt. Monadnock to hike the mountain and practice their camping skills. We’ll be back at the blog again next week after overnights return for another great week of camp!