Session 1, 2017 – The Second Week!

What a great start to the second week of Session 1! Overnights this past weekend went incredibly well and helped bring all of our unit groups even closer together than before. There was one spectacular thunderstorm that arrived on Saturday afternoon and all of the on-camp groups gathered in the Dining Hall to watch it move across the pond. It was truly an awesome sight to behold. The group at Monadnock got an ever closer view, and hunkered down for a few minutes while it passed overhead.

Once everyone was back from overnights, we had a relaxing Sunday afternoon so that everyone could rest up and be prepared for a week full of activities ahead. We capped off Sunday evening with another Wildwood classic evening program – Stock Market. This session’s group of LITs showcased a variety of creative “products” and did a fantastic job of organizing and facilitating the program.

There’s lots more to come later this week! I have heard rumors that on Wednesday we will be hosting visitors from a far off and magical land. Stay tuned here to find out more!