Joppa Flats Summer Camp

Here at Joppa Flats Summer Camp we are science superheroes, problem solvers, explorers, and the question-askers learning and playing together. We are kind, encourage each other, and care about Earth. Most of all, we have fun! Here’s a peek at some of our recent activities adventures:

Last week we dissected owl pellets to uncover their most recent prey species!

What DO owls eat? @Kirsten Lindquist

This week we took a break in the shade to after catching insects and learning about pollinators at the farm next door to read a new favorite story, “The Tantrum that Changed the World.” The heroine, Sophie, is a girl just their age who helps save animals, like bees, from habitat change as Earth warms.

A story in the shade @Kirsten Lindquist

Afterwards, we found a way to help pollinators, just like Sophie did, by making wildflower seed balls to plant!

Wildflower seed balls @Kirsten Lindquist

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