Signs of Spring…Nature in a Minute

Over the past weekend, male red-winged blackbirds have returned to set up and defend breeding territories, the evening displays and buzzing songs of the male woodcock have brightened up evening hikes, and flocks of robins have descended in our pine sanctuary “vacuuming” up insects emerging as the world warms and sun shines just a little bit longer each day.


This post is a short video and photo essay of one of our earliest signs of spring, the emergence of eastern skunk cabbage. Since late January, these spring sentinels have been emerging by the Pequit Brook in Canton and next to a wetland near the meadow by the museum.

Pequit Brook

As I’ve looked closer at skunk cabbage, I’ve been amazed at the diversity of color exhibited by skunk cabbage and wanted to share that with you. Enjoy the following photos and videos of skunk cabbage emerging at the Pequit Brook.

Skunk Cabbage and the Babbling Pequit Brook

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2 thoughts on “Signs of Spring…Nature in a Minute

  1. Faith F Sandstrom

    Oh my , Sean, That was absolutely lovely, I am looking out the window of my study to the woods, tall bare trees against a warmer blue sky, but it is not the watery environment that skunk cabbage thrive on. Thank you for those beautiful photos! Faith

    1. Sean K. Post author

      Hi Faith,
      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment and I’m so glad you enjoy reading these short posts, more to come soon.


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