Nature in a Minute: Ancient plant

This is a guest blog post by Julianne Mehegan, a wonderful friend of MABA, birder, and naturalist

Look for this small green plant when you are walking in the woods.  These plants evolved about 410 million years ago.  They are found throughout Massachusetts.

Running Cedar Wompatuck State Park, Hingham April 4, 2020  J. Mehegan

The common name of this plant is Running cedar.  It looks like a small cedar tree and it “runs” along the ground.  The scientific name is Lycopodium digitatum.  Running cedar is in the family of plants called clubmosses.   It reproduces by spores instead of seeds. The spikey, yellowish top of the plant in the center of the photo is the part of the plant that has the spores. 


2 thoughts on “Nature in a Minute: Ancient plant

  1. eleanor rubin

    The name, “Running Cedar” and the information with drawings is all wonderful to receive Thank you, Sean

    Such “Nature in a Minute” posts are most welcome on these days of isolation and anxiety.

    1. Sean K. Post author

      Thank you so much for writing and letting us know how meaningful these posts are for you. I’m really grateful for that and I hope you stay well and safe. I’m working on another one and hope to have it up soon.


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