Session 4, 2018

It has been a fantastic session and the largest session yet! We have kept very busy with lots of fun activities. This week we’ve been super silly and crazy as the camp is constantly filled with songs and laughter. A big favorite this week was the Heffalump Hunt that was made possible by the help of the Leaders-in-Action, our oldest campers. The Leaders-in-Action program is the last year of our camper program. These teens are 15-16 years old and entering 11th grade. Many of these campers have been with Wildwood for many years, while others have only spent a few summers with us here at Wildwood. Through this program the teens are able to work as a group of leaders to both support the camp as a whole but also learn personal leadership skills as they work as a team together. You can see through the pictures as they work to overcome “The Wall” and as they dressed up as Heffalumps to create an awesome evening program for our 9-14-year-old campers.

Today is Topsy Turvy Thursday. For Breakfast, we had tasty tortellini and for dinner, we will have pancakes and eggs. In addition to our food being mixed up, so are the programs for the day. Campers began the day with OATs and Free Time: lots of campers had fun on the waterfront and tried out our new Stand-Up Paddle Boards. Right now, the camp is doing our favorite “Nature’s Wrath” game as a whole camp. In a little bit, we will start our DGs (Discovery Groups) and end the day with Nature Groups. It will be awesome to experience and learn about nature at a different time of day.

To see some photos from the last few days of camp click here!