Session 3 Wrap Up

Just like that, 2 weeks have gone by and Session 3 came to a close yesterday. We made lots of friends, we laughed a lot. We made it through the rain and kept it positive. LITs hiked up Mount Greylock, Trekkers climbed Cadillac and Ascutney, and Abbey and Dillard campers hiked up Monadnock. We all got to experience a fun night in tents and camped out during the last session. We all learned more independence and gained confidence. We learned more about nature, Scottish dancing, Camp Songs and much more. We had some leftover pictures from the past few weeks we wanted to share.

Today Session 4 started and we could not be more excited to get to know this new group of campers. They are currently off getting to know each other through team-building activities. Next, they will have unit campfires. A perfect way to end the first day of camp!

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