Session 3, 2017: Part Four

Hello again from Wildwood! I hope wherever you have been this week, you are having half as much fun as we are at camp. The second half of this week has continued in much the same way as the first – with great weather and activities for everyone. This batch of photos features a range of activities, mainly from some of our IG groups.

“Dirt to Dinner” is one such IG featured below which has been a big hit this session. David, Wildwood’s Lead Naturalist, has filled the minds of those campers with knowledge about where the food we eat comes from, starting with the soil in which it grows. The sailing group this week lucked out with sunny skies and breezes each day giving the campers plenty of opportunity to learn the fundamentals of that great activity. An afternoon activity featured here called “Get Lost” was all about learning how to how to read a map and compass.

It’s hard to believe that we only have one more full day of this session. I know after our closing campfire on Friday night that there will be more than a few campers who are sad to leave camp. The great news is that everyone should have lots of great stories to tell. For folks at home who will be picking up campers on Saturday, please remember to arrive between 9:15am and 10:00am with the closing ceremony beginning at close to 10:00am as we can. See you there!