Wood Ducks…Nature in a minute

As a flock of robins “swarmed” in the pine grove, bright red male cardinals sung from the tallest trees, and fairy shrimp emerged from the vernal pool, a flock six wood ducks flew into the maple, oak, and pine trees above our vernal pool on the morning of February 28. Nature can be so wonderful!

I was fortunate enough to have my camera with me and I was able to capture a few pictures and one short movie of these amazing creatures. Enjoy this brief glimpse into the hidden world of the wildlife in our sanctuary.

Watch and listen to the wood ducks chattering to one another high up in the trees.


The following are more photos of the wood ducks in the wildlife sanctuary. 




4 thoughts on “Wood Ducks…Nature in a minute

  1. Joyce

    Such beautiful photos! I’ve seen a pair of wood ducks at Jamaica Pond two consecutive weekends. It’s such a privilege to see them.
    Are the ducks still hanging around the sanctuary? I imagine there are some good cavities suitable for a nest 🙂

    1. Sean K. Post author

      Thank you so much for the nice comment! I haven’t seen them since March 10th, but the vernal pool has completely iced over again. I expect they will be back with regularity once the ice melts. The best chance to see them is early to mid morning, the pool is just a few minutes from the parking lot and we have between 2 and 8 visiting the pool in the spring looking for nests. Let me know if you have any other questions about them, it’s a great place for a hike.


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