Taking Flight: An International Youth Bird Art ONLINE EXHIBITION featuring Mackenzie Casto

We are so inspired by the amazingly talented young bird artists that are exhibiting in this year’s Taking Flight exhibition. Since we all have to be isolated to stay safe, we wanted to bring you a virtual exhibit and a little background about the artists. We still hope to have a physical exhibition of the original art, but we want to share this wonderful work now.

Today, we feature Mackenzie Casto and her artwork, Blue Majesty. She is 14 and lives in Massachusetts. Learn more about Mackenzie at her website and facebook page.

Blue Majesty by Mackenzie Casto (Age 14)

Artist Message about Blue Majesty

“I find the Boat-billed Heron fascinating! I love how the Boat-billed Heron has such vibrant blue-blackish colored feathers. This bird is unusual because it is one of very few birds that are nocturnal. This bird also has a powder down special type of feather that never molts and grows continuously! For all these reasons this is one of my favorite birds!” ~ Mackenzie Casto

Artist Statement

I believe that art has the magic of bringing people together and making them happy. Even though I am only fourteen years old, I feel that I can make a positive difference in life through my artwork. I think the most important thing for me to do as an artist is to give people a feeling of strength when they look at my artwork and a feeling of being taken away from their troubles even if just for a minute. I like to paint animals because I think animals are full of love and are really interesting. I hope to someday help animals and people with my artwork.” ~Mackenzie Casto

One thought on “Taking Flight: An International Youth Bird Art ONLINE EXHIBITION featuring Mackenzie Casto

  1. Robin Lee Lovely

    Dear Mackenzie,
    Your art work is truly amazing! With each painting and drawing you amaze us with your talent by capturing the joy and love animals certainly bring. This exhibit is beautiful!

    You definitely made us happy tonight while we sit here anxiously awaiting for our Golden Retriever (Riley) to come home from surgery, you brought us the most beautiful picture of Riley and we absolutely love it! You also brought us light, peace and joy at this very difficult time.

    Your painting is loving and happy and shows Riley’s true joy and love for the water! It will always fill our hearts with peace when we look at this beautiful drawing. Thank you!

    Mackenzie, you definitely are helping our hearts heal! You are a true gift to the world with you inspiration and compassion. Never change! You are beautiful!

    Love your neighbors and friends,
    Robin, David and Riley ❤❤?


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