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Taking Flight: An International Youth Bird Art ONLINE EXHIBITION featuring London Peterson from Oklahoma

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We are so inspired by the amazingly talented young bird artists that are exhibiting in this year’s Taking Flight exhibition. Since we all have to be isolated to stay safe, we wanted to bring you a virtual exhibit and a little background about the artists. We still hope to have a physical exhibition of the original art, but we want to share this wonderful work now. 

Today, we are featuring London Peterson (Age 15), an artist from Eufaula Oklahoma.

Feathered Rainbow by London Peterson

Artist Message about Feathered Rainbow

Birds have become an unconscious part of peoples’ daily lives. The average person may occasionally acknowledge the presence of an obvious or interesting bird, but the memory will quickly fade into the recesses of the person’s mind, failing to spark the desire to uncover the bird’s many fascinating secrets. The person must be willing to drag himself out of his own busy thoughts, slow down, and allow his natural curiosity to win over if he really wants to peer into the secret life of a bird; he will find that its natural beauty warms his soul. I chose this bird, the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, because it is a little-known but startling bird that sparked curiosity in me and, I hope, will in the viewers of my painting.

London creating Art

For me, art is more than a hobby- it’s the way I get away from daily routine and immerse myself in a completely different life. This life is founded on a ceaseless admiration of the natural world, and my own attempts to do it justice. I don’t think there is any joy like that of pouring your whole heart into a painting and then feeling immense satisfaction when it correctly reflects the vision in your head. To accurately portray one of God’s creatures brings me utter delight, and I strive to do it better every time I lift my paintbrush.

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Selected artwork from Taking Flight: our juried youth bird art exhibition (Part II)

We are extremely excited to display a selection of art from our first annual juried youth bird art exhibition. This annual exhibition is open to any children and young adults age 4 to 18 years old. All selected entries will be on display at the Museum of American Bird Art from September 23 to December 11th. Entries for our second annual exhibition will open in early 2017.

Nathan Martin, A Woody Woody Situation, Age 7

“Did you know a woodpecker can peck 20 times per second? I like woodpeckers because of the Mohawk on their head and the many fun facts about them.”

Nathan Martin, Age 7

Nathan Martin, Age 7

Olvia Colombo, Nature’s Red Lipstick, Age 15

“Much like the pop of color red lipstick brings, the cardinal brightens up nature with their bright red coloring. The cardinal is a very recognizable and well loved bird, being the state bird for seven states. They are leaders of the songbirds, paralleling the Catholic leaders, named cardinals, whom they were named after. Cardinals brighten up mother nature’s trees, and are sure to brighten the days of birdwatchers.”

Olivia Colombo, Age 15

Olivia Colombo, Age 15

Tamirat Jones, Owl, Age 7

“I like owls because they have really good night vision.”


Tamirat Jones, Age 7

Ellie Sweeney, Owly, Age 9

Ellie, Sweeney, Owly, Age 10

Ellie, Sweeney, Owly, Age 9