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Taking Flight: An International Juried Youth Bird Art Exhibition: ONLINE EXHIBITION

We are so inspired by the amazingly talented young bird artists that are exhibiting in this year’s Taking Flight exhibition. Since we all have to be isolated to stay safe, we wanted to bring you a virtual exhibit and a little background about the artists. We still hope to have a physical exhibition of the original art, but we want to share this wonderful work now.

Enjoy learning about each artist in this series of blog posts. Our first artists are sisters, Iris Rosenhagen (age 14) and Cayla Rosenhagen (age 14). This post contains their artwork and why art is important to them.

Spotted Sandpiper by Cayla Rosenhagen

Artist’s Message: “On one of our frequent family birding outings, we were lucky enough to find this Spotted Sandpiper, hunting for food, on the rocky North Shore of Long Island. These birding adventures are such an important part of our lives. As they bring us closer as a family, they also bring us closer to nature. The search for rare, new, beautiful birds to spot, while being in the serene company of the untamed scenery around us is just such a powerful thing. A great wish of mine is that everyone could experience and enjoy this marvel, not only for their personal experience, but for the world. If everyone was out enjoying the beauty of nature, they would see more and more reasons to protect and conserve it.”

Crow and the Pitcher: Iris Rosenhagen

Artist Message: “From the blue jays in our yard that have trained me to feed them peanuts daily, to watching the tender courtship of a pair of crows, Corvids have always captivated me. More and more studies are showing that this family of birds possess remarkable intelligence that rivals that of apes. They exhibit an amazing memory, can recognize people’s faces, utilize tools, form strong social bonds, and even teach each other complicated tasks. One scientific study involved the use of a contraption that dispensed treats. Ravens were given a stone to drop into it and as a result, a treat dropped out. One raven figured out how to hack the experiment. He wedged twigs into the machine (removing the need to be given a stone) to receive an endless supply of treats. This raven had to be excused from the experiment because the scientists were afraid he’d teach the other participants.”

Artist Profiles: Iris and Cayla Rosenhagen

Cayla Rosenhagen and Iris Rosenhagen
Cayla Rosenhagen

Why Art is Important to Me

“My art gives me an outlet to express my love of nature and share it with the world. I’ve always been inspired to draw the amazing wildlife around us, especially birds. Birds have always been such an important part of my life. Watching and drawing them gives me such peace.” ~ Cayla Rosenhagen

Why Art is Important to Me

Iris Rosenhagen

“I have loved both art and birds for as long as I can remember. The beauty and diversity of birds enchant me and warms my spirit. Similarly, watching birds fulfills me, just as art does. Take a walk among nature through the eyes of an artist and you will see that birds, along with all flora and fauna, are living pieces of art.” ~ Iris Rosenhagen

Iris and Cayla Creating an Ocean Mural

Thank you so much for reading this post and be on the look out for more coming soon!