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Taking Flight: An International Youth Bird Art ONLINE EXHIBITION featuring Evan

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We are so inspired by the amazingly talented young bird artists that are exhibiting in this year’s Taking Flight exhibition. Since we all have to be isolated to stay safe, we wanted to bring you a virtual exhibit and a little background about the artists. We still hope to have a physical exhibition of the original art, but we want to share this wonderful work now. 

Today, we are featuring Evan Whang (Age 5), an artist from Massachusetts.

Owls of North America by Evan Whang (Age 5)

Evan’s Message for Owls of North America

Evan became fascinated by owls after seeing a live bird presentation. He drew these birds based on photos from a book about owls of North America.

Dancing Rooster by Evan Whang (Age 5)

Evan’s Message for Dancing Rooster

Evan likes drawing chickens and roosters. He says that he would like to live on a farm and raise chickens and roosters one day.

Evan Creating Art

“I have always loved birds. I liked them because they were all different. Like a pelican is different from a robin.”

“I started drawing birds when I was 3 & a half years old. You just need to practice!!!!!”

“My first favorite bird was the pheasant, because I got interested in the colors. My second favorite was the cassowary (I got interested in the big lump on its head.) Then I got interested in owls.  Mainly I got interested in birds because of how they look! I also like their songs, especially those of the wood thrush.” ~ Evan Jaesun Whang 

SUPPORT OUR WORK and Donate to the Museum of American Bird Art