Acclaimed Bird Artists Visit A Naturalist’s Eden

A group of bird artists gathered at MABA yesterday to revel in—and draw inspiration from—the artistry of Don Eckelberry’s watercolors, now on exhibit.


Left to right: Lucia deLeiris, Rob Braunfield, Jim Coe, Al Gilbert, Cindy House, Gigi Hopkins, Barry Van Dusen, Mike DiGiorgio


The artists taking in the Don Eckelberry Exhibition


Left to right: Julie Zickefoose and MABA director Amy Montague


Barry Van Dusen sharing his amazing collection of art from his residency at the Museum of American Bird Art

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5 thoughts on “Acclaimed Bird Artists Visit A Naturalist’s Eden

  1. Julie Zickefoose

    Wow–it’s great to see some of my favorite artists (and people) all gathered together in one spot.
    Wish I could have made the scene earlier. Barry’s body of work from his residency is a gift to us all. Thank you for giving him a beautiful reason to keep doing what he does so very well.

    1. Sean Kent (Education Coordinator) Post author

      Hi Julie,
      Thank you for the wonderful comment about Barry’s posts and about the artist’s visit to Eckelberry, we were so happy that you were able to come and be a part of the day. Thank you!

  2. Alan Singer

    I am pleased to see that you have honored Don Eckelberry with this showing of his artwork. He was a truly gifted man, a story-teller, and a lover of life. I had the pleasure of being in his company while he was at his height. As a bird artist there are few that had his understanding of the form and features of everything about the birds that he portrayed.

  3. Kathy Foley

    The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum is happy and proud to share “A Naturalist’s Eden” with the American Museum of Bird Art at Mass Audubon. How fabulous so many artist friends could gather to view Don Eckelberry’s exquisite watercolors and enjoy one another’s company.

    1. Sean Kent (Education Coordinator) Post author

      Thank you so much for the nice comment, Don Eckelberry’s exhibition has been fantastic and extremely well received by all our visitors. Everybody loves it and it has been a huge hit with our campers at the Wild at Art summer camp, some campers have sketched all the birds from the show!


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