Crops Update Vol. 9

By Crops Manager Matt Celona

Serious Summer Harvest Time

Cherry tomatoes are nearly ready for harvest! Meanwhile, we’re continuing to harvest large quantities of eggplants, peppers, string beans, cucumbers, and summer squash. We’re also about to start digging blue and yellow potatoes in addition to the reds you’ve been seeing at the farm stand.

Flowers in Bloom

The annual flower patch is getting colorful with rudbekia, snapdragons, amaranth, strawflower, zinnia, ageratum, and celosia. The bees are deafening in the cerinthe, a blue flower that droops its bells over.

Coyotes Love Sweets

Fred and Sarah just finished putting an electric fence around the first planting of sweet corn as the coyotes seem to know where the sugar is and have started chomping it about a week before we’d want to do the same. But in general, all crops look great.

Rain Still Causing Weeds

Our biggest challenge right now is weeds. Camp Weed Out #2 just wrapped up – and at the perfect time. Thanks Emma, Jill and Laura for coordinating, and thanks to the campers and counselors for the help!

Hooray for Garlic

Our garlic harvest failed last season, so you can imagine how happy we are to have a healthy crop this year. Last Thursday, investors from Athena Capital of Lincoln started the garlic harvest. Together we harvested three of our nine beds, or about 3,600 heads. Thanks to the Athena volunteers for making light work of what is usually a heavy job.

See you in the field,

Your Farmers