Crops Update Vol. 10

By Drumlin Farm Crops Manager Matt Celona

Farming Family

At the stand, you will find cherry tomatoes and string beans. Both crops were harvested by our newest team members, Jacob Hunter (pictured above) and Bodhi Becker. Jacob worked with us for a period last season when his tomato stringing skills earned our admiration. He will be with us for the next few weeks before starting his college career at Vassar.

My nephew Bodhi, who will be a sophomore at Milton Academy in the fall, will be spending the rest of this week helping out the team. It’s a treat for me to get to spend time with him, and we love having the extra help. When Bodhi was a little taller than my knee, I remember him picking sungold cherry tomatoes in my father’s garden. This morning, standing several inches taller than me, he picked sungolds for you.

Life is Sweet! And so is the corn.

We have white corn at the stand and will be picking more for the CSA. The fence seems to be keeping the coyotes out, and the birds are having trouble drilling into the tight tassels of this variety—sugar pearl. This year, we finally cut trinity corn—a delicious, early, bi-color variety—out of the crop plan after years of trying to fend off the birds. So far so good.

Slow Tomatoes

The gray weather is slowing down tomato ripening. We’re hoping to pick some slicers by the weekend, but that depends on the sun and the temperature. For now, we’ll have to satisfy our craving for color with yellow and purple beans, blue and red potatoes, and the lavender shades of eggplant.

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