5 Gift Ideas for Locavores


With just about one week left before gift-giving time, we have a handful of items that just about any locavore would love.

1. Drumlin Farm CSA Share
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has been around for a few decades and has become one of the most convenient ways to get locally grown produce directly from the farmer. This might be the best way to ensure that your locavore pal (or you!) will have fresh, sustainably grown, local produce throughout the summer.

If the full Drumlin Farm Summer CSA share is overwhelming, we have new options! Our Spring Share is only four weeks long, and our Every-Other-Week Share is ideal for smaller households. Tip: Split your full share with a family member, friend, or neighbor!

2. How-to Workshops
Do you have a budding locavore itching to learn how to cook and bake using local ingredients? We offer a root-veggie class, fermentation class, sourdough breadmaking class, and even a cooking class for kids.

With all of our classes and workshops, we do more than just cook! We use Drumlin Farm produce, and oftentimes go outside to harvest veggies from our fields.

3. Food. And Beer.
If your locavore friend isn’t the hands-on type, we have something for them, too. How about an evening of hearty stews and locally crafted beer? At Stew and Brew on February 3, all you have to do is show up, eat, and drink.

For those looking for just a smidge of a hands-on experience, there’s our sausagemaking and beer tasting workshop in March. Enough said.

Tip: Make a personalized gift certificate like this one and stick it in an envelope!

4. Mass Audubon Membership
Maybe your locavore friend already has a CSA membership closer to their home. Or maybe they’ve already mastered their culinary skills. By gifting them with a Mass Audubon membership, you’re directly funding our farm and nature programs (including our CSA!)

Take a look at the perks of being a Mass Audubon member.

5. Mass Audubon Gift Card
Still don’t know what to get the locavore in your life? You can never go wrong with a gift card (and talk about portable). Stop by our admissions window during regular business hours to grab however many you need and load them up!

Best of all: You can apply the gift card to anything related to Mass Audubon, whether it’s a program, summer camp tuition, or a treat at the Audubon Shop.

Happy Holidays!