Wild Turkey tail arrangement donated by Paul Topham

Animal Specimens Donated for Education

We are constantly amazed by the generosity and thoughtfulness of our regular visitors and community organizations. From financial support to program participation to volunteer time, we literally depend upon so many wonderful people that we could never name them all.

Occasionally, though, a few individuals will surprise us with donations we could never have anticipated—like the ones we received recently from Paul Topham and Gary Duquette.

Within weeks of each other, Paul and Gary each gifted the sanctuary with an amazing array of animal pelts, bones, skulls, a turkey tail arrangement, and various feather specimens to be used for public display and educational programs for children. And neither of them knew about the other’s donations!

Needless to say, the natural world truly comes alive for people of all ages when they can see and touch the miraculous handiwork of Mother Nature herself.

Thank you so much, Paul and Gary!

Deer jaw bones donated by Gary Duquette
Deer jaw bones donated by Gary Duquette

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