Blocks of suet donated by Millis TSC

A Suet Surprise

Stony Brook received an unexpected—but very welcome!—call from Tractor Supply Co. in Millis this month.

They told us they’d been running a special on their bird feed recently. And as an additional incentive, they advertised that they would donate one package of suet for every package purchased.

So what was the big surprise? All of the donated suet would go to local Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuaries!

To our delight, the store ended up donating nearly 200 blocks of suet! The delivery will be shared between Stony Brook and four other wildlife sanctuaries (MABA, Oak Knoll, Broadmoor, and Moose Hill).

Our sincerest thanks to the Millis Tractor Supply Co. for their unsolicited generosity! We know the birds will be thankful as well.

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