Group taking nature hike across boardwalk in March

What to Look For – March 2020

March in New England can mean deep snows and cold temperatures . . . or greening meadows and thawing ponds. Every year is different.

Spring migrants are already making their way north from wintering grounds in Central and South America. A few species like Tree Swallows, Great Blue Herons, and Eastern Phoebes may even start arriving early in the month.

This is also the time when many of our native trees begin showing signs of growth. Although the warming climate has the sap in our Sugar Maples rising earlier and earlier in the season, the buds on Red Maples and Pussy Willows continue swelling with each passing warm day.

In past years we’ve recorded our first observation of Osprey by the end of March. From there, the signs of spring become increasingly apparent as the days continue to lengthen.

For a broader overview of what to expect when venturing outside each month, we highly recommend Mass Audubon’s monthly Outdoor Almanac. You’ll get information about everything from phases of the moon to potential wildlife sightings!

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