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  1. Joan Pierce
    August 10, 2019

    I realize that the task of the ACT is already difficult, but are you able to collect “data” on the specific buildings that birds fly into, and can that info be turned into a contact with the bldg. owners/management to do something about the problem? Maybe MassAudubon can enlist donations to help pay for window “treatments” to reduce bird collisions. What about teaming up with some City department that works on energy conservation to get the lights at night in these bldgs. to be turned off/down. etc. If bldg owners/management were aware of the numbers /typesof birds that collide with their windows, they might be cooperative. You have proof of the dead/injured birds.

    do the ACT routes include such giants as the Hancock Tower? Federal Reserve Bank Bldg.? Do these big glass skyscrapers have more bird/window collisions than other buildings with less exterior glass in downtown Boston. Thank you. Joan


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