8 Drumlin Farmy Things to Do Now That It’s Finally Nice Out.

We’ve encouraged you to “get outside even though the weather is really nasty” for a few weeks now.

It’s been hard. You probably haven’t listened. We get it.

But now you don’t have any excuses. So get out there.

1. Get to a patio and eat Drumlin Farm veggies. Did you know that we wholesale to restaurants in Cambridge and Somerville? Now you do.

2. Take a tour around the farm with Discover Hidden Treasures. This free tour will loop around Boyce Field and finish with an up-close encounter with an American kestrel.

3. Forage around the farm with Russ Cohen, author of Wild Plants I Have Known…and Eaten. He’ll bring a bunch of treats made with herbs, nuts, and flowers you can easily find in your neighborhood (if you know where to look).

4. After learning about the mega machines that help our farmers do their job, take a hayride during Trucks, Tractors, and Tools.

5. Stop at the Audubon Shop for much-needed ice cream.

6. Keep cool along some of our wooded trails like the Beeline Trail, where you can see our deer chilling out just like you.

7. Visit our egg mobiles in Boyce Field, where the chickens are eating bugs and providing nutritious fertilizer for the next round of crops.

8. Hit up Union Square Farmer’s Market, which just started back up last week. There you’ll find our produce, as well as treats from other local vendors. And walk down the block to Union Square Donuts while you’re at it.