Meet The Meats Of Moose Hill

Looking for a compliment of beef to pair with your CSA vegetables? Or a steak to grill this weekend? Well you are in luck!

In collaboration with the Trustees (a neighboring conservation organization), we are now offering a variety of cuts of beef for sale at distribution.  All cattle are raised on Trustees farms using practices designed to maintain sustainability and animal health.  The pastures and oak woodlands of Moose Hill Farm in Sharon, Powisset Farm in Dover, and Weir River Farm in Hingham provide the cattle with stress free grazing conditions that results in top quality meat. For more information, please visit the Trustees.

The cuts we are offering for sale at distribution include the following:

  • Everyday Steaks
    • Chuck Steak
    • Flat Iron Steak
    • Bottom Round Steak
    • Eye Round Steak
  • Beef Short Ribs
  • Ground Beef
  • T-bone Steaks
  • Porter House Steaks

If you are looking for a particular cut, please inquire at distribution and we can check the availability of the cut.

2 thoughts on “Meet The Meats Of Moose Hill

    1. Karen Stein

      Hello – thank you for asking. The beef that we are selling if from the Trustees. They raise their meats sustainably in the pastures, fields, and woods of their farms. They are not certified organic, but top notch meats.


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