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Drumlin Farm Nesting Boxes: Spring Update

Written by Drumlin Farm intern Elizabeth R., a high school senior learning about what makes our wildlife sanctuary tick!


It’s nesting season here at the farm! We have two types of nesting boxes: one made from PVC pipe and the other from wood. Trained bird monitors have been checking the boxes and seeing the nests coming along wonderfully.*

Nesting right now, we have the tree swallow in the PVC boxes—beautiful birds with green plumage that are infamous for dive bombing those that pass by (I experienced this first-hand!)! We also have eastern bluebirds nesting—their vibrant blue-green eggs make them easy to spot in the nests.

Bird boxes 2016 PS 007

Speaking of birding, yes, you guessed it—the annual Mass Audubon Bird-a-thon is coming up this weekend! Help Drumlin Farm’s team win the very prestigious title of “most species spotted in 24 hours” among Mass Audubon sanctuaries for the 11th year in a row! Support Drumlin Farm and our birders by donating here! Ready. Set. Bird!

*Visitors shouldn’t approach the boxes, as it could be harmful for the baby birds if their nests are disrupted.