CSA Update: A few things

We wanted to reach out to you about a few things that are going on and that we need some help with.

  1. We made a mistake on the sign-up genius for this coming Monday and did not create slots to help with distribution. Sorry for the short notice but, if you can make it for a distribution slot this Monday the 18th from 3:45-7:15 that would be a great help. We have three slots available. To RSVP send an email to [email protected].
  2. As most if not all of you know we have peas and strawberries here!!  Pyo for peas will start Wednesday the 20th. Also a new variety of Radishes are here. We will post a full list of what to potentially expect by Monday morning. As the season progresses, we may periodically need to make changes to what you receive at distribution – it’s hard to fully predict that we will have exactly the same things available Monday and Friday (a lot can change in a week in the fields) but for the most part, the list is what you can most likely expect.
  3. We are also in need of clean towels/rags/shirts or cloth of any kind. After the harvest is brought in we use wet towels to cover everything to keep it cool and fresh. As the harvest grows more towels are necessary, so, if you have anything to contribute, bring it down to the barn next time you are around.
  4. Just a reminder that we can not take back and re-use strawberry pints, rubber bands, egg cartons, etc. We appreciate your thoughtfulness but in order to be sure that we can stay as a certified organic farm, we must use new and clean materials only.
  5. Another reminder for you that we ARE open for distribution on 4th of July, which falls on a Wednesday this year. Please remember that if you cannot make it on a certain week, we invite you to send a friend, family member, or neighbor to collect your share. If you cannot find someone and you could pick up your share on a different distribution day in that same week, with advance notice, we can switch your pick-up day for that week. We must receive an email at [email protected] by at least noon the day before your regularly scheduled pick-up time (no phone calls). The email should include the distribution day you wish to switch to within that week.

Thanks for all of your help so far. We look forward to the rest of the season as our harvest grows more and more every week. Keep an eye out for more recipes coming and some storage tips. Our weekly pick-up list will be up soon too.

See you on the farm,
–the Moose Hill Team


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