Slow Grow

Ever wonder how the weather affects our crops? As we have all been aware, the weather the last few months has done a lot of roller-coasting. Really hot, then cold, lots of rain, and then not so much.

With a less full sun days, and not much rain over the last few weeks, our crops have been slower to grow than we anticipated. It can make the start of our season feel a little slow – we have variety in what is coming in, just not always the bigger sizes we all love seeing in our early season greens!

However, the radishes have been a mix of larger and smaller sizes – but they are a root vegetable and thankfully we have great soil for these root veggies!

But, you might be wondering how we deal with little rain, or quick rainstorms, which often run off the vegetable mounds rather than soaking in to properly water our crops. In the fields by the Barn, we do some drip irrigation. Not all of the vegetable are irrigated, just some that will truly need it. In our upper field, we have no irrigation – we must rely on good soil health to best maintain those fields.

If there is something you have been wondering about, be sure to mention it to us – the Farm Apprentices. We are happy to share more information through the blog on the successes and challenges of farming organic!

And, as always, thank you to the shareholders who have helped us down at the farm thus far – we have enjoyed getting to know you and it has been a very fun start to the season!

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