Alex’s Farm Tidbits

Hello everyone! We have been having a great time bringing in all the wonderful veggies for you all and we have been taking some pictures of the cool things we have been finding! There has been a lot of signs of wildlife these days (even a few coyotes that were getting really close while we were picking tomatoes!) Check out these photos!


This sweet potato wants to just keep growing!


We found this big turkey feather while harvesting squash


This sweet potato looks like it has a pig tail!


Twin cherry tomatoes!


You can’t really see it but to the right of the end of the road is a coyote!


Found a snake while I was digging up sweet potatoes!


I thought this potato looked funny


Maybe like a hippo?


Bringing in those beautiful sunflowers!


Spiders are always nice to have around on the farm


So are wasps! Though they do sting, they make the coolest combs


We think this is some coyote scat!


Sweet potatoes in love!

Well that’s all for today! Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you all soon!


This post is by Alex MacLellan who is in his first year as one of the Farm Apprentices at Moose Hill. Alex has some of the highest energy we have seen out in the fields. He has begun to share pictures of the varieties of crops that we have and some of the fun things our farm apprentices and farm hands find in the fields.

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