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  1. jean forbes
    November 4, 2021

    Wayne, I’m so grateful to my cousin finding your article “Licorice Skies”.
    I live in Oak Park,IL just outside of Chgo.
    I witnessed this mass gathering of crows mid day
    recently and was blown away.
    We had lost crows in our area a few years back to the East Nile disease. I so miss them and will explain to people how they are a loss to our eco system of
    which they play an important role.
    Thank you again for you informative piece. jeanie forbes


  2. Wayne Petersen
    November 16, 2018

    Hello, David,
    Thank you for your kind remarks, and indeed, also have found memories of my earliest birding days in and around the Babson campus where my father taught for so many years, and also where my parents lived in an apartment on campus there for a short time some years earlier while I was very small. Needless to say, the apartments are long gone, but they used to be located downhill from where the globe and map building were located in those days.

    It’s been a real pleasure connecting with Craig in recent years, and his talents as a photographer and a warm and quality human being have been a distinct pleasure. Nice to hear from you.


    • David Gibson
      December 17, 2018

      Wayne, Here’s the blog: http://www.birdpartner.com. I figured that it made perfect sense to reference you and your ‘Licorice in the Sky’ piece there. Hopefully, you’ll get more readers! Dave


  3. David Gibson
    November 15, 2018

    Wayne, Great article by the one who got me started down the path of appreciating our feathered friends. I still tell people about birding Babson Institute. And very cool seeing my brother’s great photographs. Craig has talked often about the Lawrence crows. Now I have an even better understanding of what the excitement is all about. I plan on providing a link to this in my next blog post, which will feature a photo of a crow in flight. I’ve learned a lot from my brother. All the best, Dave Gibson


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