Grand Re-Opening of Indian Brook Trail

The trail crew invites you to imagine cutting the ribbon

You’re invited to a Do-It-Yourself Grand Re-opening of the Indian Brook Trail reroute which was recently completed on a beautiful, gentle slope above the vernal pool. The change moves the trail out of wetland habitat – disruptive for wildlife, muddy and uncomfortable for visitors – to a terrific viewpoint of the Indian Brook marsh. To visit, take the right hand trail branch from the nature center main trail along the field and into the woods past the vernal pool boardwalk overlook. The new trail rises upward from there. Be on the lookout for wood ducks in the wetland below. This is a favorite spot for them on fall migration.

Wood duck

Terra Corps Service Member Bea Oliva managed the staff and volunteers who collectively worked more than 80 hours on this reroute. Big thanks to the volunteers from Appalachian Mountain Club, who put the finishing touches on this project. The result: it looks like it’s always been there and instead of watching your feet, you can enjoy the forest and wildlife.

AMC volunteers moving earth

Another beautiful option to explore was completed this summer and goes around the Mill Pond from Signpost 4 to Signpost 6. Most visitors cross the bridge, but for a new view of the sanctuary, give this different route a try.

Mill Pond
Mill Pond

More trail improvements will be continuing throughout the year. Many thanks to the generous donors who contributed more than $420,000 to make these improvements and created an endowment to ensure the trails will always be kept in top condition.

We hope to see you out on the new trail sections enjoying the results of our community’s hard work. Grab your sneakers and binoculars, and reserve your time to visit today!

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  1. John McLachlan

    Excellent, and congratulations. Last time I was there I did indeed get wet feet 🙂 Look forward to my next visit!


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