The Intern Intel Report #2: Summer 2018 Edition

My name is Elizabeth MeLampy, and I am a new Conservation Policy Intern at Mass Audubon. I am from Dunstable, Massachusetts, but I’ve lived in and around Boston for the past few years. I graduated from Harvard in 2016, where I studied comparative religion with a minor in global health and health policy. During one of my summers in college, I interned on Capitol Hill in Washington DC and became fascinated by the modern political process. After graduation, I worked at a law firm in Boston for two years, and I will be returning to Harvard for law school in the fall. As I prepare for law school and all of these threads come together this summer, I find myself considering a path in environmental or animal law. In the meantime, I am excited to be here on Beacon Hill learning about conservation policy and legislation.

Despite my varied background, I have always loved bird watching and I’ve had a constant and deep respect for wildlife of all forms. Whether hiking in the White Mountains or enjoying the beaches of Cape Cod, running along the Charles or kayaking in a wooded lake, I love spending time in the natural world. It is a gift, and I believe we have a responsibility to protect it.

I have recently begun to understand how policy and regulations can have real and serious effects on even the most seemingly mundane aspects of non-human life. I am eager to learn about Mass Audubon’s priorities and to participate in promoting its messages and agenda. Already while interning at Mass Audubon, the Massachusetts Senate has debated amendments to their budget that would have lasting effects for local communities and their conservation efforts. It is energizing to see how big ideas about the environment and wildlife translate into concrete policy like this. I am excited to be a part of it all this summer!