Thursday Nights at Moose Hill: This Fall is a Time for Learning!

Moose Hill is excited to start a series of Thursday night talks and workshops this fall – a mixture of offerings for individual or families. These programs offer the public a variety of educational opportunities that can increase your knowledge of the natural world and stoke your curiosity. These programs also connect people from surrounding communities with similar interests to Moose Hill and to each other.

Most talks and workshops will run from 6:30pm – 8pm at Moose Hill in the main visitor center unless otherwise noted. Cost per program is $10 for adult Mass Audubon members; $15 for adult non-members and $5 for children under 18, unless otherwise noted. Registration is required so we can best plan for the evening – register today before you forget!

Nature Connection for Families: Thursday September 14, 6:30pm – 8pm

We live in a part of New England that has amazingly wonderful natural resources for our families to connect with. And in this time of trying to turn the tide of nature deficit disorder that effects both children and adults, spending time in nature can bring numerous benefits to all family members. In this session we will explore how your family can make nature connection a routine that your whole family can enjoy. And how to connect with other families to increase your connection to nature and your community.

Planning a Hike? What to Bring: Thursday September 21, 6:30pm – 8pm

The fall is a gorgeous time to get outside as a family and explore the natural world. Come and learn about some of the basic equipment you might consider taking with you on a short hike or a multi-day trip. We will also explore what skills you can learn together as a family that can help make your hiking adventures more rewarding and safer.

Climate Change in MA with Daniel Brown: Thursday September 28th 6:30pm – 8pm

Daniel Brown is Mass Audubon’s lead climate scientist. In this talk he will go through the data of what has been happening to the climate in Massachusetts over the last few decades and what that might mean for the nature of Massachusetts going forward. And some ideas of what you can do to make a difference.

Full Moon Hike: Thursday October 5, 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Discover the beauty of Moose Hill under a shining full moon. We will call for owls, try a solo walk, test our night vision, search the skies for constellations, and experience the sanctuary after hours. We will explore most of the time without flashlights, but feel free to bring one for the hike back. This program is designed for adults and families with children ages 6 and older. Mass Audubon members $6; non-members $9, per person

Moose Hill in the Fall: Thursday October 12, 6:30pm – 8pm

As our seasons change, so does the natural world around us. Come and learn about some of the changes that will be going on around Moose Hill as we move into autumn. What animals are leaving, what are coming and what causes our leaves to turn such beautiful colors?

Bird Banding at Moose Hill: Thursday October 19, 7:30pm – 9:30pm

photo by Sarah Keates

Did you know that the individual identification of birds provides useful information for both research and management projects? Information gathered during bird banding makes possible studies of dispersal and migration, behavior and social structure, life-span and survival rate, reproductive success and population growth. Join us to learn about the history of bird banding, the various bird banding stations within Mass Audubon, and about the saw-whet owl banding at Moose Hill. After the presentation, we will take a night walk and meet with our bird banding leader, Vin Zollo. If we are lucky, we will have a chance to see a saw-whet owl up close and watch the whole process – capture, weigh, measure, examine, and release.


Carve a Pumpkin: Thursday October 26, 1pm – 8pm

Help us carve pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns for our annual Halloween Prowl. We will have plenty of pumpkins and a few design ideas, but we need your carving expertise. All abilities are welcome to help. Please bring your own carving sets/knives. It’s a great opportunity for scout troops or other organized groups. Stop by any time after 1 pm and help us get a jump on the project. If you wish to claim your Jack-O-Lantern after the event, stop by and check the Visitor Center side yard and/or the barn on our Billings Trail anytime beginning Monday, October 30, through noon on Tuesday, October 31, to pick it up for your own Halloween celebration. Our thanks to Ward’s Berry Farm for the pumpkins!

Tracking Basics: Thursday November 2, 6:30pm – 8pm

The animals in the environment around us are constantly leaving traces of their passing. Learning to read the traces on the land is a fun and informative skill. In this talk we will explore how to see tracks, identify what made them, when they were there, and how to read the traces left when there are no tracks left behind.

Exploring Nature at Night: Thursday Nov 9, 6:30pm – 8pm

Being outdoors at night can be a rewarding experience. In this talk we will explore the nocturnal world and what wakes up as we go to bed. What animals spend their nights out and about? We will also explore ways that you can learn more about the evening sky and the changing constellations.

Bird Language: Thursday November 16, 6:30pm – 8pm

Understanding the language of birds – what they are telling each other and what they are telling us – will enrich your life in practical & surprising ways. Birds and animals use a common language. Their calls and alarms help them communicate important information to each other. We can learn to understand this language. In fact, we are “hard wired” to learn this, as countless generations of our ancestors depended on this ancient skill to survive, around the world. Learning the language of the birds is fun, and provide you with a tool to connect with nature in a personal way.

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