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Some Good Lookin Veggies

Just wanted to share some photos of a few new crops that have come into the picture, as well as provide a look at what’s on the horizon. Due to a generous planting of beans, tomatoes, and broccoli this season, we have been bringing in quite a bounty week after week! As you can see below, butternut squash will be ready soon, while our acorn and delicata¬†was just harvested this past week. The first two photos here of acorn squash and peppers were taken by shareholder Christine Malboeuf, and I simply couldn’t help but share them!


Our recently harvested acorn and delicata squash shining bright!

The many colors of hot (right), and lunchbox peppers (left)

Delicious butternut is looking good and soon to be ready for harvest!

Acorn squash that was harvested today

Last week the Ward’s crew uplifted loads of potatoes from below the soil using their potato lifter device, resulting in a total of 58 crates worth of potatoes that we harvested that day!

As if it had lipstick on

Soon-to-be Favorites

Several of our markee crops have grown significantly within the past week due to the ideal combination of sunshine and rain. It won’t be long before you are freezing your tomatoes and enjoying some eggplant parm! Here are a few glimpses into some of our soon-to-be favorite crops.

The green will be red in no time!


The peppers have been growing like bamboo this past week…Well not really, but they’re almost there!